Bloom Where You Are Planted

I recently preached a sermon about finding God in the place that we are, in whatever situation you find yourself, and for that sermon I used part of the poem Bloom where You Are Planted but added some extra stanzas at the end:

Bloom Where You Are Planted

“Bloom where you are planted”,
Shine where you are sent,
Know that God has used you here,
Just the way He meant.

Love where you are living,
Serve where it’s His will,
Know that God has plans for you,
That only He can fill.

Grow where you are going,
Weep when you’re in pain,
Know that God restores your soul,
Makes you whole again.

Pray when you are breathing,
Laugh when you exhale,
Know that God is near you,
Never will He fail.

“Bloom where you are planted!”
Though it be dark or bright,
Some blossoms give their fragrance best,
In the darkest hours of night.

“Bloom where you are planted!”
Be strong, be not afraid.
The winds may blow and sun may beat,
And your spirit droop and fade

But “Bloom where you are planted!”
You will withstand the strain.
God’s life within will guarantee,
That His plants will remain.


Author: sermonsfromthelayside

Wife, mother, daughter, teacher, reader, geek, and reluctant blogger

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